August 2017 Newsletter


Emergency Evacuation Plan

Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, explosions, blizzards, ice storms, fires, building collapses, and crane accidents—these are just some of the many disasters that can require an evacuation.  Whether natural or man-made, disasters can strike at any time and with little or no warning.  Consequently, it’s very important not only to have an evacuation plan in place, but to review it on a regular basis.

Of course, in order for them to be useful and effective, plans must be developed before a disaster or event takes place.  Usually, everyone is involved in the development of an evacuation plan:  from senior management, through superintendents and foremen, to rank and file employees, where the rubber meets the road.  Sometimes, the plan even includes representation from the owner or client.  In part, the plan should ask a number of “What if?” questions and should then present steps to be taken in response to each question.  It should also include an emergency phone tree or call-down list consisting of home and mobile numbers for each person or organization.  The list should include numbers for local utility providers and emergency services. 
Emergency Management Applied Consultants
“The elements of the plan should include, but are not limited to: Evacuation procedures and emergency escape route assignments."
In the case of a residential home site, the evacuation plan may be very simple, and there might only be three, five, or ten people who need to be alerted to evacuate.  The issues and details are much more complex if you’re working on a sixty-story high rise or on a pipeline ROW with a residential corridor.

Here are some of the questions that an evacuation plan should answer:

How will you communicate—alarms, two-way radios, or cell phones?  Will someone have to spread the word personally?

What and where are the actual evacuation routes?

Where will people go when they evacuate? How long will it take them to get there?

How will you know that everyone has left the site?
Is it possible to do a complete head count, or will someone have to walk through the site to ensure that everyone has evacuated?

How will the site be secured, and who will do it?

Will anyone be required to stay behind?

Where will that person be located?

How will people be notified to come back to work?

You need to really understand the plan in order to be able to evacuate quickly and safely.  If you don’t know what to do, find out today!
Once training is complete with EWN, you will be equipped with the tools to take and pass the API 1169 test.  Due to the number of clients that are requesting 1169 Certified inspectors this will be a great addition to your resume and skill-set. 
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Upcoming Test Windows:
December 8—22, 2017
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ENERGY WORLDNET—API 1169As many of you are aware the API 1169 certification is one that is gaining acceptance at an overwhelming rate amongst a vast amount of owner/operators within the oil and gas industry. In fact many of these owners are requiring 25% of their inspection staff to be certified now and 75% by the end of this year. What this means is that these are owners are preferring individual inspectors who are certified over those who are not. This is creating a higher employment opportunity for those that are already certified. Applied Consultants is encouraging those who are not certified to start the process of attempting to get this completed.

We have partnered with API so that you will be able to obtain a discount for the cost of the exam. During registration within the ICP portal on API’s website put Applied Cleveland Holdings as your current employer and you will receive a $100.00 discount off the cost of the exam. We have also included a Do’s and Don’ts attachment that will help you with registration. To register for the exam please go to and then enter the ICP (individual certification program) under products and services. Select apply in step 2 and follow the instructions that are listed. We have also partnered with Energy Worldnet (EWN) that has developed an amazing tool for preparation and we highly advise that you take this prep course to ensure that you pass the certification on your first attempt. We have included this information as well.  

In preparation, Applied Consultants Services has partnered with ENERGY worldnet (EWN), the trusted leader in compliance management and workforce development, for API 1169 Exam training.  EWN’s Pipeline Inspector Training Program consists of fifty (50) computer based training (CBT) modules designed to fulfill the specific regulatory and training needs of pipeline inspectors throughout the industry and aligns directly with the published knowledge base requirements of the API 1169 Inspector Certification Program.  Each course has been created with the inspector in mind to enhance the inspector’s knowledge of industry construction standards, best practices, and federal regulations. The training which is normally $895 will be offered at the discounted rate of $645, due to our relationship with EWN.   The training modules will be accessible to you for a year upon registration.  EWN’s industry leading system will allow for the training to be taken at anytime, anywhere as it is a computer based training that allows for flexibility in your schedule and lifestyle.

Near Misses Reported in July


Congested work area causing people to trip on material while working. 
Stage materials away from walk/work surfaces.  Use cones & barrier tape to direct access to areas to improve work flow. 

Situational Awareness

A contractor’s truck slid off into the bell hole when it was muddy on the ROW. There was no orange fencing around the hole and he did not realize he was too close.  There were no injuries 
Had a safety meeting and crew was informed to immediately put orange fencing up as soon as hole is dug and to exercise caution when driving in muddy conditions by slowing down and being more aware of your surroundings.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Holes in the bridge mats were hidden under the mud. If you stepped into a hole you would sink up to your knee.  This hazard created the potential for twisted knee, broken bones, falling face down.  
Contractor brought in sand bags to place in the holes to prevent any incidents.  

Pinch Points

We had a new man reach to get an old gasket out from between two flanges.
I saw what was about to happen and I stopped him before he did. I explained to him why we never put our fingers between two points. The following morning this was the pain topic of the safety meeting. 

Heat Stress

A laborer working on a pipeline roustabout crew became overheated while working.  He was moved to a cool, shaded spot and given water and electrolytes to drink.  His safety representative performed a medical evaluation and put him on light duty for the remainder of the day.
The dangers of heat stress were brought up the next day at the tailgate meeting.  Remember to stay hydrated during the summer months and be aware of the signs of dehydration.

Material Hazards

Job materials and fire extinguishers were placed too close to the edge of a bell hole, the area is a high traffic congested area.  The equipment could have easily been knocked over causing it to fall into the bell hole and striking the workers.
Work was stopped and workers were reminded to be aware of their surroundings and placement of tools and equipment.

Winners for May

100 Ron Graham
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50 Allen Barnett
50 Marvin Greninger
25   Steve Chittester
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25   Dale Nielan
25   Dave Spatholt
25   Jesse Logan
25   Darren Novak
25   Craig Rawle
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